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About me

Just a few years ago, I was an ex-athlete who had a lack of self-confidence, but with the desire to create the best version of myself through exercise and nutrition.

I didn't really know how to workout on my own. But, being an ex-athlete, I knew the basics and knew I had to become my own competition.

The lights finally clicked on when I took my first weightlifting class my freshman year of college.

I decided to change my career path and began to soak up as much knowledge as I could on exercise, training, and nutrition. 

I ended up graduating with a major in Exercise Science and a minor in Biology and started my career in the fitness industry. Since then, I have completed one  Master's degree in Clinical Human Performance, and now completing a second in Exercise Science: Fitness and Wellness. I also have gained priceless experience in the physical therapy clinical setting and in sports performance.

My goal was (and is) to create the best version of myself and to expand my knowledge daily.

After multiple years of trying to help others how to become or stay healthy, I decided to create Valhalla Training.

Valhalla Training was made with the intention of training various age groups and fitness levels using the practical applications of exercise science principles to improve how each individual's body works, performs, looks, or feels through a combination of training modalities.

After multiple years of education and experience along with long nights of planning, I made what you see here, Valhalla Training.

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  • M.S. Clinical Human Performance 

  • M.S. Exercise Science

  • B.S. Exercise Science 

  • Certified Personal Trainer               

  • Certified Exercise Physiologist        

  • Certified TRX Instructor (TRX-C)


  • 5+ years in the fitness, health, and wellness industry

  • 3+ years as a personal trainer

  • I have worked with and learned from numerous chiropractors, physical therapists, strength and conditioing coaches, athletic trainers, and exercise physiologists at the highest levels learning rehabilitation, biomechanics, weight-loss, sports performance, strength and conditioning programming, and other exercise modalities.

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